Commercial Moves

Cowboy Moving & Storage provides commercial moving services for businesses moving from one location to another, or for remodeling moving services or specialty moving services to bring in or take out office furniture and equipment. We have been providing commercial moving services in Colorado since 1968.


We have specialists for quoting Commercial Moves.

From all the years of providing moving services in the Denver area, we have come to know office buildings in the metro area and the requirements of building managers …

Cowboy Moving & Storage, Inc. is family owned and operated and has years of experience in providing quality moving services – there is a definite difference between us and the competition. When you call for a quote or to schedule a move, you will get personalized service from knowledgeable moving professionals. The other part of our high quality commercial moving services is that we have worked with many, many building management groups and we know what they expect. In the process of a commercial move we are representing you and we strive to provide exemplary service that speaks well of all of our business reputations.


If you have questions about an upcoming move please call us.

More about Working with Building Management

From all the years of providing moving services in the Denver area, we have come to know office buildings in the metro area and the requirements of building managers. In many cases, we are “The Recommended Mover” for an office building which is a true testament to our high quality and caring services. We have earned this recommendation by respecting and adhering to building managers’ moving requirements. We understand that office buildings have other tenants and also special interior design features that need to be respected and protected along with serving our commercial clients’ moving needs.

Cowboy Moving & Storage, Inc. has complete professional moving equipment from 4-wheel dollies, special steel dollies, library carts, spider cranes, building protection supplies including Masonite floor protection, plastic carpet film for stairs, and 4′ foam wall protection. Along with this is our policy of doing the move the right way. We load all items on 4-wheel dollies and they stay on those dollies for the entire trip. We also have steel dollies with straps so we can load your heavy filing cabinets and book cases so you can have access right up to your moving day.


Here is a photo from a recent move where we helped a local Car Dealership.

Remodeling Moving Services for Businesses

Cowboy Moving & Storage, Inc. has been hired to assist with internal moves that are required due to painting, new carpet installation or internal remodeling. These types of moves are often a series of short moves within the same office space but on a very tight schedule. Our moving staff is available for off-peak hours to move furniture, boxes and fragile computer equipment at your convenience and before the actual workday starts for your employees. This allows workmen to paint, lay carpet or provide other remodeling services at off-peak office hours. We come back and move all of the office items back in place before employees arrive. Our ultimate goal is to have a minimum amount of interruption to your workday and provide flexibility and convenience for the contractor’s work schedule. This is the way to schedule office remodeling!


Spider Crane for lifting fully loaded file cabinets.

Load and Hold for a Commercial Move

Another special feature of Cowboy Moving & Storage, Inc. is our ‘Load and Hold’ services. With our extensive storage services, we have trailers available that can be loaded and then held at our secure storage location in Englewood until your new office space is available. This is a valuable service if you need to store items for a short time because the space you are moving to is not available or possibly remodeling is delaying your anticipated move-in. What is wonderful about this service is how reasonable it is when compared to the headache of trying to coordinate multi-stage move-out and move-in schedules if your new office space is not available on your schedule.

Over the Phone Estimates for Commercial Moves

We have specialists for Commercial Moves that can often quote small office moves over the phone. In the process of the phone interview, we may determine that we need to see the actual office and meet with you and the building management. If we do an on-location bid we have portable lap top systems with portable printers where we can enter all your moving information on-site and print your estimate on location. Our on-site estimates are at no charge.


We have shelf carts to transport office materials, books and computers.

Before Moving Day

With our years of experience we can advise you on how to prepare for your moving day. We can provide you with the materials to pack yourself or our staff is available for packing. For commercial accounts we have many packaging products and professional moving equipment that can make your move less work and more convenient. Our commercial clients especially like our spider cranes which allow us to move four and five-drawer lateral files full.

Computer Equipment

Cowboy Moving & Storage, Inc. also has the training and technical expertise to move a variety of computer equipment. With our special Pink Anti-Static Bubble Wrap made especially for computers we can safely transport all of your computer equipment. Your equipment is wrapped in the special bubble wrap, and then loaded on 3-shelf carts which are then wrapped with plastic film.

Our Commercial Office Moving Equipment

One of our special pieces of commercial office moving equipment is the Spider Crane. This device utilizing powerful suction technology can lift a fully loaded lateral file cabinet high enough to then roll a heavy duty steel dolly beneath. At the new office location, our moving crew uses the Spider Crane again to lift the lateral file off the dolly and into its new position.

Have Questions about our Commercial Moving Services?
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If you have questions about an upcoming move please call us. We are pleased to be able to share any information and suggestions to make your next move less stressful and a great experience. For your next move we want you to try Cowboy Moving & Storage and find out for yourself why we are “The Recommended Mover”.