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Avoid These Top Moving

Avoid These Top Moving Mistakes

Moving is never easy. Whether you’re moving from a tiny apartment or a luxury mansion, there are common mistakes you can make that will cost you time and money or increase your stress. The moving experts at Cowboy Moving in Denver have put together this list of common moving mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. You don’t take the time to research your moving company. This is by far the most important step of your move. You need to find a reputable moving company. That means getting referrals, taking the time to read reviews and talking to at least three moving companies before you decide. There are lots of shifty moving companies out there, so be careful! You don’t want to trust your belongings to just anyone.

2. You don’t get the right kind of insurance. A reputable moving company will take the time to explain their coverage options. Movers offer both released-value protection and full-value protection. But even with full-value protection, you’ll want liability insurance from a third party company or many times your homeowners insurance policy will cover items in transit. Don’t assume anything. Take the time to understand your options so your belongings will be adequately insured in a worst-case scenario.

3. You think you can do it yourself. It’s easy to think you could DIY. But, if you decide to do it yourself, just know that it will take longer for you and your friends and family to move than if it’s done by professional movers. If you don’t have a lot of belongings, it might make sense to move yourself. But if you think you can fill a truck with your possessions, you’ll want to use a professional mover.

4. You don’t realize how long it takes to pack your belongings. This is also a common mistake. It always takes longer to pack your belongings, even if you’re just throwing stuff in boxes or garbage bags. On average, it takes two days to pack up a studio or one bedroom apartment, three days for a two bedroom home and five days for a three bedroom home—and that doesn’t count the garage! If you have delicate or fragile items, add on another day. Most reputable movers in Denver like Cowboy Moving & Storage can get your home packed more quickly and efficiently. Plus, they use all the proper packing materials to protect your belongings. You’ll also want to spend time getting rid of things you don’t want or need, so you’re not paying to move them!

5. You don’t budget correctly. Remember, moving companies give you estimates, not quotes. An estimate will help you create a budget. You’ll need to include packing supplies, potential days you have to take off of work, deposits on utilities and even meals you’ll have to eat out! And remember, the further you have to transport your belongings, the higher the costs. In addition, movers charge more if they have to take stairs or deal with impediments like dirt roads.

Find The Best Mover in Denver

Cowboy Moving & Storage has been helping families move to their dream homes since 1968. Every member of the Cowboy Moving & Storage team has been thoroughly vetted, background checked, and drug and alcohol tested. Most team members have been with Cowboy Moving & Storage for more than 10 years. It’s no wonder Cowboy Moving & Storage is known as The Recommended Mover in Denver and Colorado.

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