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Moving Tips

At Cowboy Moving & Storage we are very pet-friendly and we want your pets to have a good move too.


Moving your Pets


Here are some suggestions to consider for moving day if you have pets:

Keep your pet’s routine as regular as possible during the pre-moving stages and moving day.
On the actual moving day it is often better for your pet if they stay at a friend’s home or be confined in a pet kennel or actually boarded with a kennel boarding company for the moving day or even overnight.
Boarding pets for the moving period may actually help reduce stress on the animal and avoid the risk of the pet getting upset and running away, or hiding in a moving box. We have seen cats in particular hide in boxes on moving day.

After the move and you are in your new place:

Once you are moved to your new place often pets need time to adjust to the new home.

To help your pet adjust be sure to have your pet’s food bowl, bedding and toys unpacked and available right away.
If your pet was transported in a kennel to the new home, place the kennel in a quiet, safe area and let the animal come out of the kennel when it is ready by leaving the kennel door open.

Have Questions about the Moving your pets?

If you have questions about your upcoming move and keeping your animals safe during the moving process please call us. We are pleased to be able to share any information and suggestions to make your next move less stressful for you and your pets. For your next move we want you to try Cowboy Moving & Storage and find out for yourself why we are “The Recommended Mover”.

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