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Trust Cowboy Moving & Storage

With Your Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins or Grand Junction Commercial Move!


For more than 50 years, Cowboy Moving & Storage has been helping business owners with their commercial moves in the Denver Metro Area, Colorado Springs, the Front Range, and throughout the state of Colorado. We’ve built a reputation as “The Recommended Mover” in Colorado and would love to help you with your commercial moving needs

• When you call for a quote or to schedule a move, you’ll get personalized services from our knowledgeable, moving professionals
• We know how to work effectively with building management groups throughout Colorado
• We respect other tenants in the office buildings you are vacating and moving to
Our team of moving professionals are all full-time employees with years of experience. We do not hire subcontractors. They are background-checked, vetted, and trusted members of the Cowboy Moving & Storage team. All of our employees are covered by Workman’s’ Comp.


Get Your Commercial Moving Estimate Over The Phone Or In-Person


The commercial moving specialists at Cowboy Moving And Storage, Inc. can often quote small office moves over the phone. However, during the process of the phone interview, we may determine that we need to see the actual office and meet with you and the building management. 


Call 303-789-2200 With Any Questions


State-Of-The-Industry Equipment

Unlike many movers who cobble together equipment to use when moving large office furnishings or even expensive equipment and technology, Cowboy Moving & Storage, Inc. has invested in state-of-the-industry moving equipment, including 4-wheel dollies, special steel dollies, library carts, building protection supplies like Masonite floor protection, plastic carpet film for stairs and 4′ foam wall protection. We load all items on 4-wheel dollies and they stay on those dollies for the entire trip. 

Our team also uses a Spider Crane, a device that utilizes powerful suction technology to lift a fully loaded lateral file high enough to roll a heavy-duty steel dolly beneath it. At the new office location, our moving crew uses the Spider Crane again to lift the lateral file off the dolly and into its new position. 

Our steel dollies have straps, as well, so we can load your heavy filing cabinets and book cases—you’ll have access to them right up to your moving day.

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We Know How To Work With Building Management

With more than 50 years of commercial moving experience, we have come to know office buildings in the Denver Metro area and the requirements of building managers.

• We respect and adhere to building managers’ moving requirements

• We understand that office buildings have special interior design features that need to be respected and protected

• We will make sure the move goes smoothly and follows protocol every step of the way

We Move Computer Equipment The Right Way

Cowboy Moving & Storage, Inc. has the training and technical expertise to move a variety of computer equipment.


We use special Pink Anti-Static Bubble Wrap that’s designed especially for computers, so we can safely transport all of your computer equipment.


Your equipment will be wrapped in the special bubble wrap and then loaded on three-shelf carts which are then wrapped with plastic film.

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The Convenience of Load And Hold Services

At Cowboy Moving And Storage, Inc., we have trailers available that can be loaded and then held at our secure location in Englewood, Colorado until your new office space is available. It’s so much easier than trying to coordinate multi-stage move-out and move-in schedules—especially if your new office space isn’t available on your schedule.

Load And Hold services are ideal if:

• Your move-in date for your new office is delayed due to remodeling

• You’ve ordered large appliances or equipment for your new office but it can’t be installed yet

• The lease on your new office doesn’t begin days or weeks after your old lease has expired

We Help You Prepare For Moving Day

Commercial moves can be stressful. However, the moving experts at Cowboy Moving & Storage, Inc. can help prepare you for moving day so everything goes smoothly.


Do you want to pack up your office yourself? No worries! We can provide you with all the packing materials you need, as well as helpful advice. However, many business owners find it’s much less disruptive to have the packing experts at Cowboy Moving & Storage do the packing for them. Our team can make your move less work, more convenient and less stressful. 

Expert Remodeling Moving Services

Is your office being remodeled or painted? Are you replacing the carpet in your office? At Cowboy Moving & Storage, Inc., we’re experts at helping companies with moving services during remodeling. These kinds of moves usually consist of a series of short moves within the same office space but on a very tight schedule. That’s why it’s so important to work with a moving company that knows how to do it right.

• Our goal is to have a minimum amount of interruption to your workday and provide flexibility and convenience for your contractor’s work schedule

• Our moving staff is available for off-peak hours to move furniture, boxes and fragile computer equipment at your convenience

• This allows workmen to paint, lay carpet or provide other remodeling services at off-peak hours, before the actual workday begins for your employees

• We then come back and move all of the office items back in place before employees arrive

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Call Us Today to Learn More

If you have questions about an upcoming move please call us. We are pleased to be able to share information and suggestions to make your next move a great experience.


We’re also happy to connect you with previous clients, so you can learn what’s it’s like to work with Cowboy Moving & Storage, Inc.  


You’ll see why we are “The Recommended Mover” in Denver, the Front Range, Colorado Springs, Pueblo and throughout the state of Colorado.

For a stress-free move, call Cowboy Moving & Storage at (303)789-2200

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