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How To Pack Your Clothes If You’re Moving.

Moving can be stressful and exhausting. However, there are some ways to reduce stress and save time and headaches. We talked to the moving experts at Cowboy Moving & Storage in Denver and found some great tips for packing your clothes. And some of these tips can be done at the last minute!

1. Start Clean. Before you pack your clothing, make sure it’s clean and free of stains. Don’t pack stained or damaged seasonal items without having them treated or repaired. This is the perfect time to review and assess your entire closet and get rid of things that don’t make the cut.

2. Get Rid Of What You Don’t Wear. If you haven’t worn an item in a year or more, get rid of it. Discard as much unused items as you can so you don’t have to pack more than necessary.

3. Pack Clothes That Are Out of Season First. If you won’t need them for the first three months of your moving date, pack them and put them aside.

4. Make a “Moving Box” of Clothes For Every Member of Your Family. It can take days, weeks or even months to complete your unpacking after a move. To reduce stress, pack a suitcase or box for every family member with clothes to last the first week, including socks, shoes, underwear and pajamas.

5. Choose The Right Packing Method. If you’re moving just across town, zip tie hangers together and pile them on the back seat of a car. If it’s a longer move, hanging clothing should be moved in wardrobe boxes. You can leave clothing in dresser drawers if you want. Just inform your movers so they can seal the drawers. If you’re moving yourself a short distance, you can remove the drawers with the clothing in them, seal them with plastic and move them individually.

6. Pack Shoes and Delicates Separately. This will prevent damage. Wrap your delicates like silk in tissue paper to add a layer of protection.

7. Use Luggage. Don’t move empty suitcases. They are ideal to move clothing. Try rolling clothing into small bundles. You’ll be able to pack more.

8. Have Your Movers Pack You. Too many details to deal with during your move? Do you have a bad back or issue that makes it hard to pack? Many movers like Cowboy Moving & Storage in Denver, offer professional packing services so you don’t have to do it yourself. Moving professionals know the best way to pack literally any type of item, from winter coats and boots to heavy furniture and kitchen items.

Whether you’ve moving to Fort Collins, moving to Denver or moving to Vail, Cowboy Moving & Storage is the Most Recommended Mover in the state of Colorado. With more than 2,100 five-star reviews on ReviewBuzz and over 50 years of satisfied customers, Cowboy Moving & Storage is your best choice. Call 303-789-2200 for your free estimate today.

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