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Holiday Tips from Cowboy Moving & Storage.

How To Have a Merry Move During The Holidays

Like it or not, sometimes you absolutely have to move during the month of December, which can be tricky during the holiday season. However, there are ways to avoid becoming a Grinch during the move. The experts at Cowboy Moving & Storage in Englewood, Colorado have prepared this list of helpful hints to make your move as merry as possible.

1. December isn’t considered a “peak” time for moves, however many moving companies can be extremely busy and often short-staffed as their employees want to celebrate the holidays, too. If you find that you must move in December, be sure to plan your move as soon as possible. If you absolutely must move on “Super Saturday,” the Saturday before Christmas, be aware that there can be increased traffic on the roads as shoppers get in that last-minute trip to the mall. And since many people travel during December, expect more traffic between December 15 and 31.

2. With all the gifts you’ll be buying in December, you’ll want to save as much money as you can when you move during December. Remember mid-week moves are less expensive than weekend moves. You’ll also save money if you don’t move on a holiday weekend when moving companies are short staffed.

3. Be sure to pack your holiday decorations in specially-marked boxes that can be loaded last on your move. When your moving truck arrives, it will be easy to access them and put some holiday cheer in your new home.

4. During the holidays, nonprofits like Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill and The Salvation Army will usually pick up donated items for free. Instead of moving items you no longer want or use, donate them to charity before the move and get a tax write-off, as well.

5. Make sure you have winter-ready items for your move, like warm gloves, hats, coats and even snow boots. Moving during a Colorado winter can be super cold, especially since movers will be going in and out without being able to shut the door so be sure to have plenty of sweaters, hot cocoa and cider on hand. You’ll also want to have shovels and salt in case of snow and ice.

6. If you’re moving to a new school district, you’ll need to keep your important documents and school records with you and out of the moving van. You’ll need to contact your new school to enroll your kids before the holiday break and will need school and medical records.

7. Unfortunately, more break-ins occur during the holiday season. It’s wise to set up your security system in your new home before or immediately after your move in order to protect your belongings. Give the security company plenty of notice, since they can be short staffed during the holidays, too.

Cowboy Moving & Storage Can Help in Denver and Throughout Colorado

If you have to move within the state of Colorado during the holidays or anytime, be sure to ask Cowboy Moving & Storage for an estimate. We’re “The Recommended Mover” in Denver, Boulder, the Front Range and throughout Colorado. We have more than 1,700 reviews and a five-star rating. We also offer storage solutions at our location in Englewood, CO. Happy holidays!

Winter Can Be The Best Time Of Year To Move

Why on earth would you move to a new apartment, condo or home in the dead of winter in Colorado? Actually, there are quite a few good reasons to do so—the first being that the cost of your move could be much less since the demand for moving companies dips in winter. That means the cost of your move could be 10-15% lower than it would be for moving during the warmer summer months.

It’s also easier to book your move during winter months, because not as many people are vying for “prime time,” like weekends. As a rule, weekdays and mid-month moves can be a little less expensive. When you’re moving into a new home and are hit with lots of expenses, saving money on the move can really help.

While more movers may be available for booking a winter move, beware! There are a lot of fly-by-night or disreputable movers who will promise you anything in order to get your business.

If you’re looking for a mover, be sure to get estimates from three different local moving companies. If one estimate is drastically lower than the others, don’t use this mover. They will probably hit you with “unexpected” chargers above and beyond your estimate. You should also get a written estimate from any mover and ask for references, as well. Never sign a blank moving contract and don’t make a large cash deposit. Reputable moving companies don’t require payment until your belongings have been delivered to your new home.

You also want to be sure that the moving company you work with has a physical street address with their moving company name associated with it. Many moving companies use a variety of names in order to dodge bad reviews. That’s why you should look at online review sites. For example, Cowboy Moving & Storage in Englewood, Colorado has more than 1,700 reviews on Review Buzz—and they’ve earned a five-star rating! They also have a five-star rating on Yelp, Facebook, BBB and Google. Cowboy Moving & Storage also offers personal service without those pesky automated phone systems. When you call Cowboy Moving & Storage, you’ll talk to a team member every time.

Cowboy Moving & Storage has been serving the Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs and Front Range since 1968 and would be honored to help you with your next move. Whether you’re moving in the dead of winter or during the most popular moving months in the summer, you can count on Cowboy Moving & Storage for a positive moving experience.

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