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Should You Pack Yourself Or Have Movers Pack You?

People always ask how they can save money when using a full-service mover like Cowboy Moving & Storage in Denver CO. They always ask if they can save money by packing their belongings themselves, instead of having professional movers do it. Yes, that’s one way to try to save money. But in the long run, packing belongings yourself could end up costing you more.

When a moving company packs up your belongings and transports them, they take on the responsibility for anything that may be lost or damaged. If the mover doesn’t pack the box or didn’t watch YOU pack it, they’re not responsible. After all, the mover has no idea if the belongings were packed properly. And no, you can’t pack up the boxes without sealing them up so the mover can look inside to verify they’ve been packed correctly.

If you have items that aren’t breakable, like books and paper files, you could save money by packing them yourself. You could also pack your linens, towels, blankets and pillows. Just remember, the mover will not be responsible for any damage on the items you packed yourself.

Remember NOT to pack valuables like cash, jewelry and credit cards. Ideally, you’ll take them with you or ship them separately with insurance and tracking. If you do decide to take valuables on the moving truck, make sure the movers pack them.

Talk To A Moving Expert

As always, it’s wise to talk with a moving expert like Cowboy Moving & Storage regarding your Colorado move. They can answer any question and provide you with a moving estimate. Cowboy Moving & Storage in Denver has been helping Colorado families move since 1968. With more than 1,700 5-star reviews online, you can trust they with your belongings as you move to your new home!

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