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Tips For Moving In The Summer

Do you have to move during the hot summer months in Colorado? The good news is, it’s not nearly as humid in Colorado as it is elsewhere in the United States. Our so-called “misery index” is almost non-existent. However, it can still get pretty hot here, so here are some tips to help you move in the Colorado summer.

1. Try not to set up your move during the heat of the day. Try to have your move start early in the morning.

2. Wear the right clothing, like something lightweight, loose fitting and ideally made out of breathable fabric (cotton, linen). Light colors help you stay cool white dark colors absorb heat. Wearing a hat can also help keep you cool.

3. Wear sunscreen.

4. Don’t put certain items into a moving truck. The back of your moving truck isn’t air conditioned, so temperatures can climb. Be sure to pack heat sensitive items last. Or, better still, put them in your air conditioned vehicle instead of in the moving truck.

5. Make sure you’re completely packed on moving day. Moving is hard enough without having to rush around with last-minute packing on a hot day.

6. Since it’s summer, pack up your winter clothes and holiday décor first.

7. Be sure to stay hydrated when you’re moving during the summer heat. Have lots of water on hand for you, your pets and your movers.

8. Make sure you’ve turned on your utilities at your new home and have the air conditioner on before the movers arrive. If you have portable fans, have them running.

9. Have cold towels on hand for you and your movers. Fill a cooler with ice, wet several washcloths, roll them up and place them inside the cooler. Let them cool for several hours. These are great to use on the back of your neck, hands and arms during a move.

10. Make sure you hire a reputable mover that is sure to show up on time, with the right equipment and the appropriate vehicle. Smaller moving companies often don’t have a fleet of late model trucks and vans and can break down.

Talk to an Expert

If you’re moving anywhere in the state of Colorado, it makes sense to talk to Cowboy Moving & Storage, the most recommended mover in the state. With more than 2,400 five star reviews on Review Buzz, Cowboy Moving & Storage will treat you and your valuable belongings with the care and respect they deserve. Every team member is drug and alcohol tested and background checked. They never use contract or day labor, either. Call 303-789-2200 today!

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