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Tips For Winter MovingWinter

Winter is on the way to Colorado and that can make moving from one home or business to another tricky. The moving experts at Cowboy Moving & Storage in Denver have been helping Coloradans with winter moves since 1968. Our team put together this list of tips that can help your winter move go as smoothly—and as hassle-free—as possible.

1. First the good news. Because winter is the off season, you should have more dates to choose from for your move. But, because the weather can be iffy, be sure to check in with your mover at least 8 days before your move date to review the weather report. If a blizzard is coming, it might make sense to delay or expedite your move so you’re not moving in inclement weather.

2. Protect your floors. A conscientious mover will bring plastic film to protect your carpet and Masonite to protect your hardwood floors, but it’s also a good idea to pick up some inexpensive floor mats to place by all exterior doors.

3. Turn down your heat. Yes, it’s cold, but you don’t want to heat the outdoors.

4. Clear the driveway, sidewalks and street in front of your home. You don’t want your movers trying to carry heavy furniture on ice.

5. Run a space heater in your main floor bathroom and keep the door closed. You (and your movers) can enjoy a few minutes of warmth.

6. Take your pets to daycare. Moving can be very upsetting to pets. Plus, if you turn off the heat your dog or cat will need somewhere to go where it’s warm.

7. Have a crockpot of hot chocolate or hot apple cider going. It can warm up your movers and your family.

8. Take care of your electronics—they don’t like the cold. Keep those inside and either load them in your vehicle or last on the truck.

Moving From Denver, Arvada, Greeley or Colorado Springs?

No matter where you are moving within the state of Colorado, Cowboy Moving & Storage in Englewood is here to help. We’re a family owned and operated company committed to providing punctual, courteous and careful service.

For a FREE, no-obligation quote call 303-789-2000—the phone will be answered by one of our team members and not an answering machine!

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