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What You Should Leave Behind When You’re Moving

So, you’re moving in Colorado soon. Moving to a new home is always exciting, but deciding what to pack and what not to pack can be confusing. There are some items you’ve owned for a long time, but maybe they aren’t right for your new place, or maybe you’re going to have less room. The time to get rid of these things is before you move, not after. Plus, the less you move, the more you save!

How To Get Rid of Things

There are several ways to get rid of items you no longer want. You can have a yard or garage sale, sell things online, give things to family and friends or donate items. If items aren’t usable to others, you can also throw things away. Here are suggestions of things you may not want to move:

Bulky Items: DVDs, CDS and books take up a lot of space and weight a lot. Same thing goes for electronics you no longer use. These are great to donate or sell in a garage sale or online.

Clothing: Go through your closets before the move and decide which items you wear and which you don’t. Get rid of the clothes you no longer need or wear before the move.

Papers: Of course there are documents you need to hang on to, like your marriage license, birth certificated and financial records. But many other paper items can be scanned and stored online instead of moved to a new location and stored.

Bathroom Items: Did you know that half the items in most bathrooms are out of date, unimportant or easily replaceable? Get rid of expired medications properly and don’t move bathroom items you no longer use or need.

Furniture: Furniture is bulky and heavy to transport. You might want to get rid of the furniture you no longer like and make room for new furniture in your new home! Sell it or donate it to a charitable organization.

Garage Stuff: If you haven’t used it in a year or two, it’s probably time to get rid of it. Old tools, toys, décor and other items can be donated, sold or thrown out, saving money in moving costs.

Appliances: Is it time to update your current washer and dryer or refrigerator? These items are heavy and expensive to move. If it’s time for new ones, now is a good time to get rid of them.

Bedding: Do you have old mattresses, blankets and pillows? These take up a lot of room in a moving vehicle. It might be time to get rid of the old and treat yourself to new linens for your new home.

Remember, it’s smart to get rid of the clutter, or unused or unwanted items in your home before a move. And when you’re ready to move, make sure you hire a reputable, ethical mover in Colorado. Cowboy Moving & Storage can handle any move in Colorado, and every employee has been thoroughly vetted and drug and alcohol tested. You don’t want to trust your valuable possessions to just anyone. Contact Cowboy Moving & Storage today at 303-789-2200.

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