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Tips For Moving Your Family

Tips For Moving Your Family

Are you relocating your family to a new home in Colorado? Whether you’re moving to a new neighborhood in your current city or moving across the state, moving can be stressful. Small children can be confused, older children might be upset about leaving their friends—and there are so many details to take care of. The moving experts at Cowboy Moving & Storage put together this list of tips that can help minimize the stress of moving and make it a positive experience for the whole family.

Focus on the Positives

Well before the moving van arrives, it’s important to help your family understand the benefits of moving. For example, there could be opportunities for new adventures. Perhaps you’re moving to an area where the weather is milder, or there will be more opportunities for enjoying winter sports. Maybe your kids won’t have to share a room anymore, or they will be closer to their grandparents. Try to plan a family night and have everyone make a list about what they are excited about, as well as what they might be nervous or concerned about. Discuss them all. Keep the lines of communications open and provide support to reduce anxiety and stress.

Get Organized

Organization is key to a successful family move. You’ll want to create a list of all the tasks that have to happen before moving day, during the move and after the move. For example, you’ll need to arrange for utilities to be turned off at your old home and turned on at your new one. If your children are school aged, you’ll need to get complete school records for their current school and talk to their new school in order to find out requirements, scheduling and more. You’ll want to transfer medical records, as well.

It’s important to scheduled your mover sooner than later, especially during the summer and fall months when people tend to relocate more. If you can move on a weekday instead of the weekend, you can even save a little money! Let everyone help with packing and planning so they are a part of the action.

Be Prepared For Moving Day

If you are packing yourself, give yourself more time than you think you’ll need to get everything packed before moving day. Otherwise, you’ll be paying movers to sit around as you finish packing. If your movers are providing your packing services (which can reduce your stress and headaches), you’ll want to have each family member pack a box filled with what they’ll need for the first few days: medications, clothing, toiletries, pillows, linens, toys, computers and charging cords. Check and double check these and then put them in an area where the movers won’t pack them accidently.

Make sure you have snacks and meals planned for moving day. It’s always nice to provide sandwiches for the movers, too—a little appreciation goes a long way! Have bottled waters and other drinks on hand, as well. It’s easy to get dehydrated or hungry on moving day.

Talk To A Moving Expert

There are a lot of shifty, fly-by-night movers out there. You want to be sure to choose a reputable, highly-rated mover in Colorado like Cowboy Moving & Storage. It’s got more than 2,100 five star ratings on ReviewBuzz alone! And the moving experts at Cowboy Moving & Storage can provide you with even more tips to help your move for smoothly. Whether you’ve moving to the Denver Metro Area, Western Slope, Front Range or Eastern Plains, Cowboy Moving & Storage is the #1 Mover in Colorado, with more than 50 years of experience.

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