Small Move

Whether it is a “small move” within a residence or a “small move” within a commercial office space … We offer moving and storage services for the “Small Move.”


What is a Small Move?

A small move is basically any item or items you need moved that you can’t move yourself. Many of the small moving projects we handle involve a move within the home or within a commercial office space. You can arrange for the appropriate number of Cowboy Moving Professionals to come to your location and take care of your small move. Call us and we will give you a free estimate on what is needed to make your small move happen.


For your next small move hire a professional moving team.

Some examples of small moves for Residential Clients include:
  • Moving items into place due to a remodeling project. We have been called upon to move large soaking tubs into newly remodeled bathrooms.
  • Bring in or remove exercise equipment.
  • Remove an old freezer or refrigerator from a basement.
  • Move furniture from one room to another to prepare for new flooring and then call us back to put the furniture back in place.
  • Move items up from a basement to go into storage.
  • Pick up a heavy piece of furniture and deliver it to a different location.
  • Relocate a media center and in-home theater grouping in a room.
  • Move or relocate a piano or other heavy furniture around the home.
  • Move or relocate artwork or sculptures around the home.
Some examples of small moves for Commercial Clients include:
  • Rearrange office furniture due to a change in the layout of the office.
  • Re-position existing file cabinets at the office.
  • Move furniture due to remodel for lease renewal and then move the furniture back.
  • Move office furniture due to changing office suites within the same building.
  • Take down or set up of an convention exhibit.
  • Move or relocate corporate owned artwork or sculptures.

For your next small move hire a professional moving team – we can accommodate the client needing a small move. We can often give very accurate price estimates over the phone. If needed we are available to give an on-site estimate. Call us today and ask about using our services for your next small move.

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As you browse our website and read about the “Load and Hold” options, Colorado long-distance moving services, shipping/receiving and other types of large moving and storage projects, you might be wondering if we can help with the small move … and the answer is …

Yes, we can help with the “small move” for residential or commercial clients.