Specialty Moves


Specialty Moves refers to moving items that are out of the ordinary which often means very valuable and very heavy.


A Specialty Move may involve moving antique furnishings within a home.

Pianos are the typical large and valuable item we move frequently but we have also been called on to move: 


  • Internal move of antique furnishings within a home that has a historical designation

  • Move into storage extremely old and valuable antique furniture and large antique porcelain figurines


  • Move two extremely high end audio speaker systems where each unit was valued at $100,000 and each weighed 750lbs


  • Items were removed from the room installation, crated and delivered to new location


  • Move extremely heavy dining room table


  • Move soaking tub to the final placement in an extensive luxury bathroom remodel


  • Move exercise equipment down stairs


Our Service Area

We provide our residential moving services in the greater Denver area, along the Colorado Front Range and throughout the state of Colorado. If you’re looking for a mover in Denver, a mover in Fort Collins, a mover in Colorado Springs, or anywhere throughout Colorado, Cowboy Moving & Storage, Inc. is “The Recommended Mover.”


Our customers know that our years of experience, professional staff and moving formulas make us the right choice for residential moves in Colorado. Our five-star rating is based on reviews from more than 1,600 customers!

The Convenience of Load And Hold Services

Are you moving to Colorado from out of state and your possessions are arriving before your new home is ready? Or maybe you’re moving out of one home and your new residence won’t be ready in time?  In situations like this, we are a cost-effective local Denver area resource to store your items on a local trailer with a local mover for a few days, weeks, or even months. 

Are you buying appliances or furniture for your new home and need a place to store it until you move? The Lock and Load Services at Cowboy Moving & Storage, Inc. are ideal for this situation. It saves the cost of having to load and unload your items twice! We load your household possessions into a trailer and the trailer is taken to our secure storage locating in Englewood. When you’re ready to move it to your new residence, we’ll unload it! 

Helpful Videos From Cowboy Moving And Storage

We want your residential move to go as smoothly and easily as possible. We’ve created these videos to provide you with an “inside look” at how the moving professionals at Cowboy Moving & Storage take care of all the details.

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Call Us Today to Learn More

If you have questions about an upcoming move please call us. We are pleased to be able to share information and suggestions to make your next move a great experience.


We’re also happy to connect you with previous clients, so you can learn what’s it’s like to work with Cowboy Moving & Storage, Inc.  


You’ll see why we are “The Recommended Mover” in Denver, the Front Range, Colorado Springs, Pueblo and throughout the state of Colorado.

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