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Do I Need Custom Crates When I Move To My New Home?

When you’re moving to a new home in Colorado, you want to make sure your belongings arrive in one piece. While you may choose to pack your belongings yourself, there are some instances when you might need to have custom crates made for certain items to make sure they aren’t damaged during the move. The moving experts at Cowboy Moving & Storage put together this list of items for which you might need a custom crate.

Mirrors or Fragile Glass: Glass tabletops, large mirrors and glass artwork can be easily shattered if not packed correctly. A custom crate can be created that will protect these fragile items from being broken during your move.

Artwork and Collectibles: Do you have valuable artwork, sculptures or collectibles? These can require special crating in order to prevent damage during your move.

Expensive Electronics: Are you moving expensive TVs, speakers or audio equipment? By crating high end electronics, you can prevent damage to delicate components.

Delicate, Valuable or Antique Furniture: If you have delicate furniture, furniture that has a unique composition or shape or antique furniture, custom crates can be built to fit and protect these items during your move.

Special Equipment: Do you have specialized equipment that you use for hobbies or work? Protect them during your move with a custom crate.

Taxidermy: Standard boxes usually won’t protect your taxidermy because of antlers, large sizes and unusual shapes. Custom Crates can protect expensive taxidermy so they arrive in perfect condition to your new home.

Even if you only have a few items that require custom crating, a reputable and experienced mover like Cowboy Moving & Storage in Colorado can create the ideal container for you. By protecting your items with custom crates, you’ll have peace of mind knowing they will not be damaged during your move. Talk to the moving experts at Cowboy Moving & Storage at 303-789-2200.

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