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Get Your New Home In Colorado Winter Ready

Did you just buy a new home in Denver? Did you move to a new townhouse or condo in Colorado? When you move to a new place, there are so many things you have to take care of: setting up new utilities, finding new resources for yard maintenance, home repairs, babysitters, dog walkers and more. One thing that is often overlooking is what you need to do to get your new home in Colorado ready for winter. The moving experts at Cowboy Moving & Storage put together this list of tips for getting your home winter-ready. After all, winter is just around the corner!

1. Get your chimney inspected and cleaned. This is especially important if you have moved into a place more than five years old.

Arrange for a professional to check and clean your chimney. They need to remove dust, and soot, check for blockages or animal nests and make recommendations for repairs.

2. Install storm windows. If you have moved into an older home, storm windows are pretty common. They can help reduce condensation, provide insulation and reduce frost buildup. If you have energy-efficient windows, storm windows aren’t necessary

3. Inspect your yard. Are there any trees with limbs that are too close to your home? You want to trim them before winter hits, to eliminate any chance of limps or trees falling onto your home or property.

4. Get a tune-up for your HVAC. Before winter arrives, you want to make sure your heater is in good working order. An HVAC professional will look for ductwork leaks, clean moving parts and remove dirt and dust that can cause problems.

5. Winterize your plumbing. You want to make sure your home doesn’t have any leaks. It’s also wise to wrap pipes that are not frequently used. You can also consider draining your water heater and doing preventative maintenance on your plumbing. The last thing you want is a cold shower in the winter!

Are You Moving In Colorado?

If you are getting ready to move to a new place in Colorado, it’s important to use a mover you can trust. There are many fly-by-night moving companies and you don’t want to trust your belongings to just anyone. Cowboy Moving & Storage has been serving Coloradans since 1968. The company is family owned and operated, and on average, their team members have worked for Cowboy Moving & Storage for more than 10 years. All have been screened for drugs and alcohol and are background checked, so you can move with confidence. In addition, Cowboy Moving and Storage is “The Recommended Mover in Colorado,” with more than 2,200 five-star ratings on ReviewBuzz. For more information contact 303-789-2200 or

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Kelsey Relph
Kelsey Relph
19 de out. de 2022

We have been trying to get in touch with someone who can help us resolve an issue we had with your moving services. We have been reaching out for over ten months now. We spoke to a repair person, who gave us great service within his scope of work, and the administrative team that told us they weren't able to address those issues. Please have someone who can address these issues call us promptly.

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