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How To Choose A Commercial Mover in Colorado

Do you own or manage a commercial business in Colorado? Are you downsizing, upsizing, relocating or closing your business? If so, you’ll need a reputable, experienced commercial mover—because there is a big difference between residential and commercial movers. That’s not to say that some moving companies don’t provide both residential and commercial moving services. You just need to be sure that they are skilled, experienced commercial movers who have the right equipment needed for commercial moves and understand how to coordinate moves with building management. They also need to be skilled at not disrupting business for other tenants in the building during the move, which sometimes means moving after hours.

The commercial moving experts at Cowboy Moving & Storage put together these tips for choosing the right commercial mover in Denver or anywhere in Colorado.

Commercial Moving Equipment: Your mover should have ramps, dollies, furniture and floor protection, blankets and moving equipment to handle sensitive, fragile tech equipment like computers, large printers, a/v equipment and more.

Warehouse and Storage Services: Sometimes you have to move out of one location before your new location is ready for you. Your moving company should have adequate storage and warehousing to take care of it.

Packing Services: While you will probably have your employees pack up some of their belongings from their workspaces, you’ll need packing services for other items in your commercial enterprise, like files, high tech equipment, furnishings, desks, cubicles, lighting and more. Many furnishings will have to be disassembled and re-assembled by your movers, too. Be sure to ask the moving company about how many commercial moves they make in a year and whether they use contact labor or well-trained employees for both their packing and moving services.

Moving Estimates: One of the key elements for getting an estimate for your move is the number of pieces of furniture that will need to be dismantled, transported and reassembled. The movers will need to know about staircases, freight elevator availability, driving distance and more. You should provide thorough information and get at least three moving estimates. For smaller office moves, your estimate can be given over the phone. But in most instances, a commercial move estimate must be done on-site. If one estimate is much lower than the others, beware! It’s important to note that moving services can be more expensive during peak season and even on different days of the week—especially the first and end of the month!

Do Your Research: Be sure to review the customer history of any potential commercial mover. How long have they been in business? Where is their headquarters? Do they use employees or contract labor? Pay attention to their degree of professionalism when you are interviewing them. If you have to hound them to get information, this is probably a sign of how the moving process will go.

Talk To The Commercial Moving Experts in Colorado

Cowboy Moving & Storage has been helping Colorado companies with their commercial moves since 1968. Family owned and operated, Cowboy Moving & Storage has a team of experienced, skilled, reliable packing and moving specialists that are all background checked, and screened for alcohol and drug use. After all, you don’t want to trust your valuable equipment and furniture to just anyone. Cowboy Moving & Storage has a state-of-the-industry warehouse and storage facility in Englewood as well. Plus, it has more than 2,200 five-star reviews on ReviewBuzz! You can trust your move to Cowboy Moving & Storage.

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