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Organize Your Move Without Losing Your Mind

Moving from one home to another is never easy, whether you’re moving from an apartment in Littleton to a condo in Denver or a starter home in Aurora to a beautiful new home in Louisville. There are so many details to deal with, from switching utilities, packing, changing your address and the move itself. So, how can you make your move a smooth and easy one? The experts at Cowboy Moving & Storage in Englewood have put together this list of handy tips that can remove the hassles and stress from your move.

Stock Up On Packing and Moving Supplies

You’ll need a lot of boxes, to say the least. If you buy moving boxes from most movers, you can return unused ones for a refund. Some people use plastic bins that are transparent, so they can see what’s inside. Whether you use bins or boxes, you’ll want to have at least 10 more than you think you will need. You’ll also want strong plastic packing tape so you can close up your boxes or bins securely. For packing materials, unprinted newsprint paper, packing paper, and bubble wrap are great for wrapping and cushioning. Again, buy more than you think you will need.

Color Code Your Boxes By Room

Choose a color for each room in your new place: yellow for the dining room, orange for the kitchen, etc. Use colored stickers on each box to designate which room it belongs in: and use stickers on the top and sides so they are easy to see. You could also use colored markers.

Pack Things Together

You’ll want to keep your light bulbs with your lamps, picture hooks with pictures and cords with electronics. There’s nothing more frustrating then not being able to find the cord for your TV or appliances when you get to your new place! You can also designate a special box for Parts where you put all cables, cords, parts, pieces, brackets and nails.

Wardrobe Boxes Are Your Friend

Wardrobe boxes are ideal for bulky lightweight items like comforters, pillows and blankets, as well as clothes on hangers. Just don’t make them too heavy or they can be difficult to lift. If you use dry cleaner bags over the shoulders of your clothes you can pack sweaters or purses on top of them.

Don’t Wait Until The Last Minute

It takes longer than you think to pack up your belongings—especially if you want to get rid of things you won’t want in your new home. Give yourself at least a week longer than you think you’ll need to get all of your organizing, purging and packing done. It always takes longer than you think.


If the idea of packing makes you panic, don’t worry! Cowboy Moving & Storage can pack every single one of your belongings for your move—and unpack them, too! Our packing and moving experts will treat your possessions with care. You’ll be packed up and settled in no time!

Cowboy Moving & Storage has been helping families relocated throughout Colorado since 1968. We are the most respected mover in the state of Colorado! Be sure to check out our 2,100+ five-star ratings on ReviewBuzz! We’d love to help you move—and you can count on us to do it right.

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