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Packing and Moving Your Artwork

As professionals in the moving industry since 1968, Cowboy Moving & Storage knows how to move your valuable items with ease, including your favorite artwork. Many of our clients ask us how to make sure their artwork survives a move in perfect condition. Here are a few tips from the pros on the Cowboy Moving & Storage team in Englewood, Colorado.

It sounds simple, but the most important thing is to make sure your art is packed properly to avoid damage.

1. When you are setting up your move, be sure to let your moving consultant at Cowboy Moving & Storage know about your high value artwork. If you are having us pack up your belongings and artwork, we’ll be sure to bring out the proper materials to move your artwork successfully. Be sure to provide the number of pieces of artwork and the dimensions of your artwork. If you are packing up your artwork yourself, our moving consultant can inform you about insurance coverage and liability during your move.

2. Consider the size of the artwork you are packing. If the pictures are small, you might be able to pack them in a 5.2 cube-sized box or smaller. Be sure to use adequate cushioning above and below the piece and make sure they are standing upright on their short edges. You might be able to pack several similarly-sized pieces of art in one box.

3. Make sure your artwork is protected while you pack it. You’ll need lots of clean packing paper. Always set up picture frames at perpendiculars in order to avoid the items slipping past each other.

4. Always put several pieces of paper between pieces of artwork, as well as above and below.

5. Align your frames to prevent damage. Frames should also have the fronts facing one another when you pack them together. This means the backs will be facing each other as well. Most of the hardware that can cause damage to artwork is located on the back of the frame so by aligning them this way, you’ll make sure none of the frames are lined up back to front.

6. Make sure your framed items are not leaning inside the box as this can cause uneven pressure to the delicate flat surface on the front of an art piece.

7. If you are having our moving professionals pack and move your artwork, don’t wrap them in bubble wrap. We’ll bring all the supplies we need to protect your art during the move.

While you might be tempted to try to pack your own artwork in order to save a few bucks, remember—your artwork is different than a piece of furniture. You’ve selected it because it speaks to you. Oftentimes the art is original and irreplaceable. By letting the moving pros at Cowboy Moving & Storage in Englewood, Colorado pack and move your artwork, you’re protecting your investment and the art you love.

Cowboy Moving & Storage has more than 2,000 five-star reviews on ReviewBuzz because we know how to take care of our valued customers and their belongings. If you’re moving within the state of Colorado, let us take care of you and your belongings!

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