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Plan Your Next Move in Five Minutes

Moving to a new home is never easy because there are so many different elements to it. In fact, moving is ranked among the Top 5 Most Stressful Things we can experience. The moving experts at Cowboy Moving & Storage in Denver put together this list of tasks that must be completed in order to have a successful move.

Get Rid Of Stuff: While this isn’t a “must,” it will absolutely make your move easier if you do it. Take the time to get rid of the things you no longer want or use. After all, you don’t want to pay to move things that you no longer want in your life! Make three piles: Sell, Donate and Trash. Once you get started, it gets easier.

Pack Wisely: The importance of packing is often overlooked. It’s not as easy as it seems! You need to get the right kind of boxes, packing materials, tape and labels to make sure your items arrive in one piece and in the right room. And don’t forget the special boxes you’ll need for all of your electronics! The more organized you are with packing, the easier your move will be.

Moving Day: You want to be sure you protect floors, rugs, corners and stairwells from damage on moving day. You’ll want to put down floor film, use moving blankets and be careful as you navigate furniture. It’s easier to damage walls and floors than you think!

Loading The Truck: Once everything is packed, the real work begins. There are certain ways you should load your truck to make sure items don’t get crushed or broken, boxes don’t slide around and furniture doesn’t get damaged. You’ll need a lot of moving blankets to protect furniture as well. If you load your truck poorly, you’ll pay the price.

Unloading the Truck: Unloading your belongings and transporting them into your new home also takes planning and skill. Once again, you’ll need floor covering to protect your carpeting and floors as you move large items like furniture and appliances. You’ll also want to place boxes in the right rooms, or unpacking and settling in will take twice as long.

How To Plan Your Move In Five Minutes

Now that you see how complicated planning, packing and moving can be, here’s some great advice: hire a great moving team like Cowboy Moving & Storage! They are reliable, experienced and professional, and have served Colorado residents and businesses since 1968. They can pack your home from top to bottom, coordinate transportation, strategically handle all of your possessions safely, load the truck, unload the truck and protect your home during the process of moving. Make your move less stressful from beginning to end by choosing “The Recommended Mover” in Colorado: Cowboy Moving & Storage. For a free moving estimate, or to get even more moving tips and advice, contact Cowboy Moving & Storage at 303-788-2200.

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