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Seven Tips For Moving Your Office In Denver

Are you relocating your office to a new location in Colorado? Are you downsizing your office and moving across town? Getting a fresh start in a new office is exciting, but you don’t want the move itself to be stressful. The moving experts at Cowboy Moving & Storage put together this list of seven tips to help you relocate your office efficiently and without a lot of stress.

1. Plan Early. Commercial relocations take detailed planning and preparation, so give yourself plenty of time to get your ducks in order. It all starts by selecting a moving date and then establishing a time frame for the relocation process.

2. Establish a Budget. By knowing what funds you have to work with, you can make smarter decisions about how the money is allocated.

3. Involve Your Team. You should definitely keep your staff up to date on the move. You might even ask each department to provide a team member to help brainstorm and coordinate the move. You’ll want to provide everyone with the new address and building rules. Create a moving checklist for each area to make sure every area has a plan for the move. Thorough communication will go far in keeping morale up.

4. Pick a Project Manager. While it’s important that your whole team is involved, you need to have a point person responsible for all aspects of the relocation process. Your Project Manager should be good at multi-tasking, have great organizational skills, be a good communicator and able to work with budgets.

5. Protect Your Company’s Data. You want to make sure your files and hardware are safe during the move. You don’t want to risk losing important documents or damaging servers or hard drives. Many companies will use a digital visitor management system to safeguard the data of your staff and visitors. This can be done seamlessly as it is a cloud-based solution.

6. Clean Up. Get rid of furniture, equipment and items you don’t need any more before you move. Get rid of old files, shred papers and sell or donate furniture and equipment. Talk to your accountant, as donated items can be a write-off.

7. Hire Professionals. For a smooth office relocation, it’s wise to hire the services of moving experts. Make sure the mover you select is skilled at moving electronics and has the appropriate tools and packing materials. Your moving company should be well established and have great online recommendations. Professional movers like Cowboy Moving & Storage in Denver has the knowledge, expertise and resources needed to make the move as stress-free as possible.

8. Update Your Address. Let your vendors, customers and utility providers know when you are moving. Update your business website, letterhead and social media sites. One month before the move, contact Google to have your address and online listing changed.

While there are a lot of moving parts to manage with any move, working with professionals movers like Cowboy Moving & Storage will eliminate a lot of stress. Because they are used to moving companies like yours, they can help you think of everything and create a comprehensive moving plan. Call Cowboy Moving & Storage today at 303-789-2200.

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