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Seven Ways To Reduce Stress During A Move

Moving is one of the most stressful experiences in life. That’s because it’s a complex experience. You have to let go of the home you’ve been living in, arrange for movers, pack, get rid of possessions that won’t work in your new home, say goodbye to neighbors and juggle hundreds of details. So how do you make it less stressful?

First of all, you need to recognize that moving IS stressful. There will be many things demanding your attention. That said, it is possible to make your move less stressful. The moving experts at Cowboy Moving & Storage in Denver, CO have put together this list of seven things you can do to reduce stress during your move.

1. Understand that stress is normal during a move. If you are aware that stress is a part of the process, you’re less likely to let stress take over while you’re moving. You’ll be able to react to the stress in a more positive manner.

2. Organization is key. You’ll want to make and embrace lists. There’s no way to manage everything without writing it down. Make two lists: a packing list and a moving checklist.

3. Know that moving is an emotional process. It’s not easy to say goodbye to your home, neighbors and friends. To help ease your emotional stress, do research about your new neighborhood and town. Don’t focus only on what you’re leaving behind. Find out about cool things you can look forward to!

4. Stay positive. Research has shown that having a positive attitude helps with stress management and can improve your health. Try to see things in a positive light. Ask friends for support instead of trying to deal with everything by yourself. By talking to friends and family, you can avoid getting carried away by stress.

5. Organize your belongings into three piles: what you’re selling, what you’re donating and what you’re throwing away. Remove the clutter in your home before your move. Untidy surroundings are known to increase stress.

6. Once you arrive in your new location, unpack as soon as possible. This will help avoid having things pile up around you, which can increase stress.

7. Pick a reputable moving company. It can be tempting to choose a moving company based only on price. But that can make moving even more stressful. There are lots of fly-by-night moving companies that will give you a low bid and then add on extra charges during your move. It’s wise to get multiple moving estimates so you understand the going rate. In addition, you’ll want to choose a mover with a great reputation and a long history of providing good service.

Talk to Cowboy Moving & Storage For Your Colorado Move

Cowboy Moving & Storage has been helping Coloradans move into new homes since 1968. Family owned and operated, they are “The Recommended Mover” in Colorado. Each team member is thoroughly vetted and tested for drugs and alcohol,. On average, their employees have been with the company for more than a decade. In addition, they have the newest fleet of moving trucks, vans and vehicles so you don’t have to worry about breakdowns or cancellations. To find out more, call 303-789-2200. Your call will be answered by a moving professional, and not by an automated answering system.

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