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The Most Common Things You Forget

The Most Common Things You Forget During A Move

Moving is never easy. It’s filled with lots of details, lists and deadlines and inevitably, things get misplaced, overlooked or forgotten. Oftentimes, a few weeks after you’ve moved you might realize you forgot to leave keys or even find a casserole dish you forgot to return to a neighbor. While it’s hard to remember everything you need to do during a move, the experts at Cowboy Moving and Storage in Denver have helped thousands of people move to their new homes. We put together a list of things that our customers have forgotten during a move in order to help you avoid making the same mistakes!

What You Need To Drop Off Or Pick Up

You lead a busy life and are constantly running errands around town. Some of the most common items that are “forgotten” during a move include:

• Dry cleaning

• Banking issues, like changing your address or closing accounts

• Informing your postal worker of your change of address or forgetting to return your post office box key

• Prescription refills at the pharmacy

• Membership cards or locker keys at gyms, rec centers or community centers

• Return your neighbor’s keys and pick up yours

Things You Forget At Your Former Home

At Cowboy Moving and Storage, we’ve heard so many stories about the “small” items left at a previous home, like garage door openers, spare keys, spare shingles and siding, blinds and extra building materials.

Don’t Forget To Cancel These Items

It’s common for people to forget to cancel memberships and associations before they move, which could end up costing extra money. Be sure to cancel your commitments to local gyms, membership groups, church groups and parent-teacher associations.

Whether you’re moving down the street or across the state, Cowboy Moving and Storage is “The Recommended Mover” in Colorado. We can help you with the multitude of details that need to be addressed during your move. We can help you create a moving schedule, prepare an insurance valuation list, provide packing services and even disassemble and assemble your furniture! Find out more about how Cowboy Moving and storage in Denver can make your move easier today. We’ve been helping families move to new homes since 1969 and would love to help you.

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