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Top 4 Ways To Save Money On Your Move

Most people are constantly looking for ways to save money, whether it’s shopping during a semi-annual sale, using a coupon, buying items using online marketplaces or shopping at yard sales. When it comes to moving, costs can add up, so it’s normal to want to find ways to save money. At the same time, you want to make sure your possessions arrive in great shape. The moving experts at Denver’s Cowboy Moving & Storage put together a list of four ways you can trim some of the costs during a move.

1. Choose your moving day wisely. Everyone wants to move on a weekend, which means movers can charge a premium for those days. Also, unless you plan way in advance, the most reputable movers can book up quickly on the weekends. If you can move on a weekday, chances are you’ll save some cash.

2. Don’t move everything you have. No matter how much stuff you think you have, you will find you actually have a lot more. Sometimes it’s less expensive to buy the same item at your new place of residence than to pay to move it, especially since you can get rid of things using online marketplaces, consignment stores and garage sales. As a rule, it’s wise to downsize before your move.

3. Save money on packing supplies. Try to get moving boxes from someone who has moved a few weeks before you. Most of the time they are happy to give those boxes away or sell them for much less that what you’d pay for new boxes. Don’t wait until the last minute to find the boxes you need for moving electronics or valuables, or you will end up paying a premium price.

4. Pack it yourself. Yes, it’s easier to let a moving company pack up all of your belongings. But if you pack all or some things yourself you could save a substantial amount. Consider packing everything but your valuables, like antiques, custom furniture, electronics and breakables like dishes and crystal.

Choose The Right Mover

There are lots of disreputable moving companies in every community, so the best way to save money is to move with a mover you can trust. Cowboy Moving & Storage has been moving Coloradans since 1968 and are considered The Recommended Mover throughout Colorado. It has the newest fleet of moving trucks and vans, as well as state-of-the-industry storage facilities. They screen every employee for drugs and alcohol and do a thorough background check, so you can trust your valuable possessions with them. Plus, it is family owned and operated with pride. Call Cowboy Moving & Storage in Denver at 303-789-2200 today!

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