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Top 6 Myths About Using Movers (And The Real Truth)

Moving to a new home is one of the most stressful things you can do. Cowboy Moving & Storage in Denver has been helping Coloradans move since 1968, and during that time period we’ve learned a lot about the moving process. We’re here to debunk nine of the most common misconceptions that people have about using movers, so you can make an informed decision for your move.

1. It’s cheaper to do it yourself. You might think a DYI move is a great way to save money, but moving yourself can cost as much or even more than using a moving company. Once you add up the price of a truck rental, boxes, tape, moving blankets and other moving supplies, you also have to factor in your time, energy and physical stress. It all adds up quickly.

2. Movers are all scammers. Yes, there are a lot of disreputable moving companies out there. Some will hike up the cost of your move once everything is loaded onto the truck and demand cash payment. Others disappear with your belongings. But, as in every industry, there are some disreputable movers than make other companies look bad. The key is to know who you are hiring: check them out with the Better Business Bureau, read online reviews and always choose a mover with a long history of satisfied customers.

3. All boxes will work for moving. You want to use only very sturdy boxes that can stand up to the task at hand. You don’t want to use a box that could get crushed during a move or break open when it’s being carried. Don’t cut corners when it comes to moving boxes.

4. Something always gets broken or lost. If you use a reputable moving company, they know how to pack and protect your belongings correctly. Yes, occasionally an item will be damaged, but most movers provide insurance for your belongings which can help your peace of mind.

5. You won’t have to label your boxes if you move yourself. Actually, if you don’t label your moving boxes, your move will take a lot longer and be more frustrating. For example, if your friends or family are helping you move, your kitchen boxes may end up in the master bedroom and you’ll have to move them a second time! Taking the time to inventory and label each box is worth it.

6. Movers will move everything. Because of regulations, movers are not allowed to move certain items of yours. These include frozen or perishable foods, plants, explosives, ammunition, pets, flammable items, certain cleaning products and alcohol. You’ll need to move these yourself or get rid of the items before your move.

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