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Top 9 Moving Mistakes. Moving isn’t easy.

Top 9 Moving Mistakes

Moving isn’t easy. And if you haven’t done it much (or at all), it can be even harder. Here’s a list of the most common moving mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Underestimating The Move. Even if you’ve moved before, it’s easy to underestimate how long it’s going to take to pack and make all of the arrangements for your move. However long you THINK it’s going to take, add 25% more time (at least). The last thing you want is for the moving van to arrive and you’re still in the midst of packing. It will cost you more.

2. Not Making A Checklist. A move doesn’t “just happen.” You need to make a checklist and then a timetable.

3. Not Downsizing Before You Move. You don’t want to pay to move stuff you’re going to get rid of. Have a garage sale, donate items to charity, give stuff to friends or put it in the dumpster.

4. Getting Only One Quote.Don’t give your business to the first mover you meet with. Meet with several, and make sure you check out their online ratings and references.

5. Not Organizing.Don’t just pack things in boxes without a strategy. Label your boxes, organize them by room and BE SURE to pack the things you’ll need right when you arrive together and put them on the truck last. That way they’ll be unpacked first: like bathroom supplies, your coffee maker, work-related items and clothing for several days.

6. Not Paying Attention To The Weather. If it looks like there will be inclement weather for your move, like rain or snow, plan for it. Get tarps to protect your boxes, put salt on the steps and ask your movers to wear booties so your floors and rugs don’t get damaged.

7. Not Measuring Before Your Move.Make sure that your furniture will fit in your new place. For example, if you’re moving into a high rise, make sure your king-sized bed or sleeper sofa will fit in the elevator.

8. Not Making Sure You’re Insured.Make sure you hire a licensed, bonded, insured mover—and make sure your renters or homeowner’s insurance will cover damages they don’t.

9. Not Asking For Help.Most movers label the boxes they pack. You need to make sure all the boxes are properly labeled and that they reach your destination. One person can’t keep track of all the boxes moving in and out, so ask a friend to help check off the inventory list as boxes are moved.

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