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What To Do When You Move To A New Home

Moving to a new home in Denver is exciting but exhausting. There are so many things to do, like packing, organizing, decluttering, moving, unpacking…the list goes on and on. But oftentimes it’s easy to overlook some basic things that need to happen once you move into your new place. Whether you’re moving to a new apartment, condo, townhome, first home, patio home or upgrading to a home for a growing family, here are some tips for protecting your investment and making your new home really yours.

1. Keep a notebook that all family members have access to. Make a prioritized list of things you need or want to do. Consider safety concerns, cleaning, unpacking, organization, maintenance and improvements.

2. Clean refrigerator coils to avoid unnecessary repair bills. They’ll located on the back of the frig or across the bottom. Remove dust, pet hair and cobwebs with a coil cleaning brush or vacuum cleaner.

3. Clean the lint screen after every dryer load and clean the exhaust duct once a year. This will save electricity, prevent fires and extend the life of your dryer.

4. Renew woodwork with mineral spirits. It’s a gentle solvent that dissolves years of grime and residue. Soak a soft cloth and rub until the cloth doesn’t pick up more grime.

5. Replace the furnace filters every month. Buy six months’ worth so it’s easy to replace when you need to!

6. Clean air conditioner condensers and evaporators. Cut off the electricity to the unit, vacuum the outdoor condenser’s exterior fins with a soft bristled brush and clear away bushes and weeds within two feet of the unit. Replace the furnace filter on the evaporator unit, vacuum the blower compartment and clean the condensation drain. This will save you money and keep your system working well.

7. Learn where your home’s main water shutoff valve is in case you need to shut off the water to your entire house.

8. Locate your electrical panel so you know where to shut off the power to your whole home or an individual circuit.

9. Check the dates and batteries of smoke and CO detectors and make sure they are working.

10. If you don’t have a keyless entry, hide a key outside so you don’t get locked out. Avoid placing it under a flower pot or welcome mat.

Talk To A Moving Expert in Colorado

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