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What Are The Hardest Things To Pack When You’re Moving?

Are you getting ready to move to a new home, apartment, condo or townhouse in Colorado? You’ll face lots of challenges as there are so many details to consider. If you are packing your items yourself, here is a list of items that can be the most difficult to pack.

• Be careful with fragile items. You’ll need special packing materials when you are dealing with glassware, china and ceramics. Be sure to have bubble wrap, packing paper, tape and other packing materials like Styrofoam peanuts or old towels and rags.

• Electronic items can be tricky to pack. Computers, TVs and other electronics need to be packed securely, and often must be carried upright instead of laying them flat. Pack them carefully and if possible, put them in your vehicle instead of loading them into a moving van.

• Bulky, heavy and large furniture are also difficult to pack. You may have to disassemble some furniture or remove pieces in order to move them. You’ll want to protect leather furniture so it doesn’t get scratched. You’ll probably need some help moving these items, as well.

• Appliances can also be challenging to move. You’ll need to disconnect items like refrigerators, washing machines and other large items. Secure moving parts before you move. You want them to be operational when they arrive at your new home.

• Artwork and valuables. Artwork and other décor like framed pictures and mirrors must be packed carefully to prevent scratches or breakage while you move.

• Be careful moving valuable items and documents. Valuable possessions should be packed securely and ideally, transported personally in your vehicle.

• Plants can be especially difficult to move, especially in weather that’s very hot or very cold. It’s also tough to move plants if you are moving many hours away from your current residence. Plants don’t thrive in moving vans and usually moving companies will not take them.

No matter what you are moving, be sure to use the right packing materials and boxes and label all boxes clearly.

Talk To A Moving Expert

It can be less expensive to pack and move many of your possessions. But, there are times it makes sense to have movers pack up some of your belongings or move all the boxes you’ve packed yourself. Talk to the moving experts at Cowboy Moving & Storage, THE Preferred Mover in Colorado since 1968. We’ve helped thousands of Coloradans move to their new homes and would love to help you.

Call 303-789-2200 to get your moving estimate today.

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