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What To Pack For Your First Night

What To Pack For Your First Night

When it’s time to move your family in Colorado, you want to make it as easy, hassle free and stress free as possible. The experts at Cowboy Moving & Storage in Denver CO have put together a list of some common items that you should pack in a “first night” box (or two!)to help make your move easier. This box should be the last one loaded onto the truck or into your car, and the first box unloaded.

Here’s a list of items that will come in handy on your first night or day in your new home.

Personal Hygiene

• Toothbrushes and toothpaste

• Soap

• Shampoo

Bedroom & Bathroom

• Bedding and pillows

• Pajamas for the household

• Change of clothes

• Work clothes for unpacking

• Toilet Paper

• Bath towels

• Shower liner

• Hairdryer


• Computers, tablets and mobile devices

• Chargers and charging cords

• Flashlight


• Plastic cups, utensils

• Paper plates and napkins

• Snacks

• Coffee, creamer and sweetener

• Coffee maker and mugs

• Breakfast items (juice, cereal, etc.)


• Pet bed

• Pet food and water bowls

• Leashes

• Pet medications

Cleaning Supplies

• Cleaning sprays and liquids

• Trash bags

• Paper Towels

• Rubber Gloves

Tools & Supplies

• Screwdriver

• Hammer, nails, furniture assembly tools

• Pliers

• Measuring tape

• Pen and paper

Health & Safety

• Prescription medications

• Aspirin, ibuprofen

• First aid kit

• Ice pack

Important Documents

• Birth certificates

• Marriage license

• social security cards

• Home sale or rental agreement

• Proof of utility set-up

Whether you’re moving to Denver, moving to Fort Collins, moving to Colorado Springs or Greeley, Cowboy Moving & Storage is here to help make your move as carefree as possible. We’ve been Colorado’s Most Trusted Mover since 1968. We’re family owned and operated, and our team is thoroughly vetted, drug tested and security checked for your peace of mind. Check out our reviews on ReviewBuzz—we have a five star rating with more than 1,800 reviews

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