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How to Get Your Home Ready For Winter

In no time at all, Colorado will experience its first winter storm. You’ll build lots of memories enjoying hot cocoa and enjoying family and friends in front of a roaring fireplace. But is your home ready for the colder months? If not, you might end up spending more time shivering under blankets than enjoying a cozy evening. Here are a few tips to make sure you and your home are ready for winter.

1. Get your chimney inspected. How often you use your fireplace will determine how often it should be cleaned, but as a rule you should have a chimney sweep out every 1-2 years. They should remove soot and dust, check for blockages, look for little creatures or birds that may have made a home up there, and determine if any repairs are needed.

2. Put up storm windows and check your weather stripping. Storm windows will keep your home more comfortable and a little cozier in the winter. You can also add thick curtains or drapes over windows to reduce the cold air from penetrating your home.

3. Check your smoke detectors. Makes sure they are in good working order and replace the batteries. Add a carbon monoxide detector if you are using a fuel-burning heater.

4. Have your trees trimmed. Look for trees or limbs that are too close to your home. A bad storm could send them crashing into your home.

5. Get your HVAC tuned up before it gets cold. The last thing you want is for your heater to fail in super cold weather.

6. Wrap your outdoor plumbing and any pipes that are not used frequently.

7. Decide if you are in the right home. Are you tired of shoveling snow and want the convenience of a maintenance-free patio home? Are you fed up with your historic home and want something that can stand up to the cold better? Are you ready to quit renting and buy your first home? If you’ve decided to move, be sure to contact Cowboy Moving & Storage in Denver, CO.

The Recommended Mover in Colorado—Any Time of Year

Cowboy Moving & Storage has been moving Coloradoans since 1968. Family owned and operated, Cowboy Moving has more than 2,300 five-star reviews on ReviewBuzz, and has an excellent reputation with the Better Business Bureau. Don’t trust your move to just anyone! Cowboy Moving & Storage thoroughly background checks every employee—and never uses contractors or day laborers. You can trust your valuable belongings to the team at Cowboy Moving.

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