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How to Make Moving With Small Children Easier

Everyone knows that moving is considered one of the top stressors you can experience in life. When you’ve got small children and you’re moving, it can be even more stressful! The moving experts at Cowboy Moving & Storage, the #1 moving company in the Denver Metro Area and Colorado, put together this list of tips to help you navigate a move with small children successfully.

1. As parents, you set the tone for your kids. That means if you are stressed and short-tempered, your child watches you and oftentimes mimics you. It’s important to demonstrate to your children how to behave during a big transition like moving. There are steps you can take to reduce the stress of moving, like making sure you get enough sleep. Make sure you make time for meals. Take time for the little things, like a hug or a short break for a game or a walk. Try to keep a routine that’s as normal as possible.

2. Explain the upcoming changes to your children. Express that everyone is moving together and staying together, so your child feels secure with the idea of moving.

3. Make lists and share them with your children. Give everyone a task so they feel like they are part of the process. Take your child to the new home and let them explore. Let them pack a box or two with their favorite things, so they’ll be sure that they won’t get lost in the move. Then they can unpack them in their new room.

4. Explain what to expect when the movers come to pack and/or move you—before they arrive. If your children are going to be there during the move, be sure to introduce them to the movers and explain what they should do: stay out of the movers’ way, etc.

5. Watch for physical symptoms that communicate stress in young children, like if they get clingy, experience stomach aches or headaches, lose their appetite, become shy or aggressive and even start wetting the bed or sucking their thumb again.

6. Consider having your children spend the day with a family member or friend, so they don’t have to watch the entire moving process. At the end of each day of packing and moving, walk them through your home and explain the process and “what’s next.”

7. Talk to your children about their new home before you move. Share the things they might be excited about, like having their own room, or a bigger yard to play in or even a nearby park in the new neighborhood. If you act excited and positive about the move, it’s more likely they will be, too.

Choose The Right Mover

One great way to reduce the stress of moving is to choose a moving company that is reputable, trustworthy and ethical. Be sure to check out social media review sites like ReviewBuzz and Google, to see what customer feedback is like for any mover you are considering. Check out their standing with the Better Business Bureau. If you’re looking for the best mover in Colorado, check out Cowboy Moving & Storage, a family owned and operated mover with more than 50 years of satisfied customers. We’ve helped thousands of families and businesses relocated in the state of Colorado and would love to help you, too.

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