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Moving to a new home is always a bit stressful. But if you’re moving because you’re getting a divorce in Colorado it can be incredibly stressful. The moving experts at Cowboy Moving & Storage have helped many people with their moves while going through a divorce. They put together this list of helpful tips to help guide you to moving out after a divorce.

1. Take Inventory of What is Yours: Oftentimes this is determined during divorce proceedings. Set aside the items that are yours in one location in the home and your spouse’s possessions in another location. If you’re not sure, put those items in a separate pile and go through them together.

2. Get Rid Of What You Don’t Want or Need: Take the time to downsize your belongings before you move. If you haven’t used something in a while or can do without it, get rid of it through a garage sale or online marketplace. Discard or leave behind any sentimental items that are tied to your ex, including photos, letters and gifts. Donate items you don’t want to sell. The more you get rid of, the easier it will be to start fresh.

3. Book Your Mover: It’s best for the two of you to have separate moving dates so movers aren’t running into each other. Book your mover well in advance as prime dates like weekends fill up.

4. Start Packing: Try to begin packing at least 10 days out. Pack nonessential items first and essential items last. Put aside a box for the items you’ll need immediate access to, including medications, toiletries, bathroom items, a coffeemaker and bedding. Label these boxes and separate them from your other possession. It will make moving day easier.

5. Be Prepared For Your Moving Day: Have water and snacks available for you and the packers or movers. Make sure you’re available that day to answer questions they may have about what’s going and what’s staying. Ask your ex to be somewhere else on moving day. If you have younger children, let them spend the day with your ex or good friend. It can be stressful for children to see their home dismantled.

6. Start Fresh: Once your items are moved to your new home, put on some upbeat music and start unpacking! Splurge a little and buy some new décor or furniture that will help make your home look different from your last one. A fresh start can feel pretty good.

7. Stay Positive: Yes, this is a big change and heartache is usually involved. Don’t be afraid to ask friends to help you during the process of packing, moving and unpacking. A little support can make a big difference.

Talk To A Moving Expert

The moving experts at Cowboy Moving & Storage can make any move in Colorado easier. They never use day laborers or contractors, and every employee is thoroughly vetted and background checked. They’ll take care of your valued possessions! Cowboy Moving & Storage is a family owned and operated business and has helped Coloradans move since 1968. They’ve got more than 2,100 five-star reviews on ReviewBuzz, too! Call 303-789-2200 for your free estimate today.

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Moving Tips For When You’re Moving In Together

Are you moving in with your significant other? It’s a big step in any relationship and you both want it to work out. At Cowboy Moving & Storage in Denver, we help with these kinds of moves all of the time. It takes planning because it isn’t always easy to combine two households into one. Here are some tips that can help you both get ready for the next big step.

Be Open to Making Changes. When you move in with another person, you both will want to make it feel more like your home. Whether you’re moving into the other’s person’s home, they’re moving into yours or you’re both moving to a new place, it’s important to be open minded about each other’s possessions and sense of décor. Be willing to compromise and work together.

Go Through Your Possessions Before You Move. When two people combine households, there will be lots of duplicates of furniture, kitchen items, bathroom items, etc. Decide what you’ll sell and what you’ll keep. You may want to store some of the duplicates for a while. Since some things are sentimental, be sure to work together to determine what stays and what goes.

Speaking of Storage… You might want to get a small storage unit to store some of BOTH of your possessions. This could be helpful if you plan on moving into a bigger place in the future. For example, you might need that extra bed for a future guest room. You may need to store some things until you have room for your man cave or she shed!

Have Frank And Thorough Conversations About Finances. Many people wait until after the move to talk about budgeting, how bills will be shared and which ones are individual responsibilities. It will make life much smoother to have determined these things before you move. The last thing you want is to start life in a new home with arguments and misunderstandings.

Pick A Reputable Mover. At Cowboy Moving & Storage in Denver, we know how hard moving can be. We want to make it easier for you. Whether you are moving from two residences into one or one person is moving in with the other, Cowboy Moving & Storage is the mover you can trust in Denver and throughout Colorado. We never use day laborers or contractors. Every team member is thoroughly vetted and drug and alcohol tested. You can trust your valuable possession to our team of expert movers. We also have a state of the industry storage facility for your extra possessions! Cowboy Moving & Storage is The Recommended Mover in Denver, The Front Range, Colorado Springs and everywhere in Colorado. Give us a call today at 303-789-2200.

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Moving to a new home in Denver is exciting but exhausting. There are so many things to do, like packing, organizing, decluttering, moving, unpacking…the list goes on and on. But oftentimes it’s easy to overlook some basic things that need to happen once you move into your new place. Whether you’re moving to a new apartment, condo, townhome, first home, patio home or upgrading to a home for a growing family, here are some tips for protecting your investment and making your new home really yours.

1. Keep a notebook that all family members have access to. Make a prioritized list of things you need or want to do. Consider safety concerns, cleaning, unpacking, organization, maintenance and improvements.

2. Clean refrigerator coils to avoid unnecessary repair bills. They’ll located on the back of the frig or across the bottom. Remove dust, pet hair and cobwebs with a coil cleaning brush or vacuum cleaner.

3. Clean the lint screen after every dryer load and clean the exhaust duct once a year. This will save electricity, prevent fires and extend the life of your dryer.

4. Renew woodwork with mineral spirits. It’s a gentle solvent that dissolves years of grime and residue. Soak a soft cloth and rub until the cloth doesn’t pick up more grime.

5. Replace the furnace filters every month. Buy six months’ worth so it’s easy to replace when you need to!

6. Clean air conditioner condensers and evaporators. Cut off the electricity to the unit, vacuum the outdoor condenser’s exterior fins with a soft bristled brush and clear away bushes and weeds within two feet of the unit. Replace the furnace filter on the evaporator unit, vacuum the blower compartment and clean the condensation drain. This will save you money and keep your system working well.

7. Learn where your home’s main water shutoff valve is in case you need to shut off the water to your entire house.

8. Locate your electrical panel so you know where to shut off the power to your whole home or an individual circuit.

9. Check the dates and batteries of smoke and CO detectors and make sure they are working.

10. If you don’t have a keyless entry, hide a key outside so you don’t get locked out. Avoid placing it under a flower pot or welcome mat.

Talk To A Moving Expert in Colorado

Want to avoid a lot of stress and frustration during your move? Talk to the moving experts at Cowboy Moving & Storage. Cowboy Moving & Storage has been helping Coloradans move successfully since 1968. Every employee is drug and alcohol tested and thoroughly vetted, so you can trust your belongings with them. No contractors or day laborers are ever used. With more than 2,100 five-star reviews on ReviewBuzz, Cowboy Moving & Storage is the Colorado mover you can trust.

We also have a state of the industry storage facility for your extra possessions! Cowboy Moving & Storage is The Recommended Mover in Denver, The Front Range, Colorado Springs and everywhere in Colorado. Give us a call today at 303-789-2200.